Tycoon Telegraph #2 Autumn 2019

Tycoon Telegraph #2


It's the first week back after half term and time to start trading! We have been inspired by the diversity of the businesses taking part in Tycoon, many of which are focused on making a positive social impact. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of 'businesses for good' and are continually impressed by the young people driving societal change forward!

To name just a few of these incredible businesses:

  • BrushingPanda, The Forest School: Selling sustainable bamboo toothbrushes in order to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the world.
  • Wood Spirit, The Priory School: Designing and creating crafts using natural materials to encourage children to explore the outdoors and reduce the use of plastic.
  • Experience IT, Demeter House School: Sourcing items at the risk of being thrown into refuge and upcycling these items into something new, thus saving them from landfill.

There's lots of time for things to change, and remember that you can put in daily sales figures if you like, as they'll automatically be combined into weekly summaries on your Trading Figures graph.


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Trading Window: Monday 28th October - Friday 13th December

Evaluation Deadline: Friday 20th December 2019


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