Tycoon Telegraph #3 Autumn 2019


It has been fantastic to see so many teams trading across the country during the third week of the Tycoon Enterprise Competition. It is inspiring to see that so many teams have been able to turn a profit so quickly and we look forward to seeing their businesses grow over the coming weeks.

The diversity of businesses taking part in Tycoon highlights the diversity of the skills and talent of the young people within the UK. From StrobeTech's business selling custom built computers to Nalu's products which aim to bid farewell to plastic waste, it is obvious that there is great ambition powering the Tycoon Teams this year.

There's lots of time for things to change, and remember that you can put in daily sales figures if you like, as they'll automatically be combined into weekly summaries on your Trading Figures graph.


Dates for the Diary

Trading Window:

Monday 28th October - Friday 13th December

Evaluation Deadline:

Friday 20th December 2019


The Leaderboard

Take a look at just a few of the businesses making moves across the leaderboard. There is still plenty of time for things to change and we cannot wait to see your profits grow over the coming weeks. Congratulations all and remember to keep submitting your finances to track your businesses progress.


Perfect your Pitch

A great pitch is an essential part of selling your product or service. Entrepreneurs should not be afraid to speak passionately about what they do and why their business is so important.

Hear from Tycoon Teams about their businesses!

No Hoods - Essa Academy

No Hoods sell personalised hoodies, sweatshirts and windbreakers to students at Essa Academy.

Gems Gifts - GEMS Didcot Primary Academy

Gems Gifts sell colourful gifts and accessories - perfect for the run-up to Christmas.


Enterprise Capabilities

Starting and running a business with Tycoon isn't all about making money. It is about what you learn throughout the process. We call these learnings 'Enterprise Capabilities' - make sure that your students are familiar with these as they play and important part in the business evaluations.

Don't forget to tell us about the new skills that your students are developing on social media!