Tycoon Telegraph #4 Autumn 2019


Dates for the Diary

Autumn Window:

Evaluation Deadline: 20th December

Spring Window:

Business Plan Deadline: 14th February

Evaluation Deadline: 3rd April



Global Entrepreneurship Week

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week and we are delighted to share some top-tips for budding-entrepreneurs from our incredible network of business leaders.



The Leaderboard

Take a look at just a few of the businesses making moves across the leaderboard this week. Every business journey is different, so whether you are just starting to sell or already turning a profit, there is plenty to be excited for. Keep up the momentum and watch your profits roll-in!


Perfect your Pitch

A great pitch is an essential part of selling your product or service. Entrepreneurs should not be afraid to speak passionately about what they do and why their business is so important.

Hear from Tycoon Teams about their businesses!

G5 - Mayfield School

G5 recycles and repairs old technology, saving it from landfill.

Poseiden - Greenford High School

Poseiden creates bespoke metal water bottles, that combat plastic waste.

Stowmarket High School - Supreme Sounds

Supreme Sounds makes low-cost alternatives to electronic speakers.

Stowmarket High School - MIAR Frames

MIAR makes high quality bespoke photo frames.


Tycoon Blog

Did you know that you could keep a Tycoon Blog?

Updating your Blog is the perfect way to keep track of your business journey, the developments that you have made and the skills that you have honed. When writing your final business evaluation, the Blog provides amazing context when recalling the triumphs and tribulations of product development, supply chain and trading. It's not too late to start, so get involved!


“Here we have our delicious home-made white choc cake pops, made with extra care. Cake pieces are crumbled together and rolled with butter cream icing to create a ball, and then doused with melted Milky Way white chocolate, finishing with a touch of multi-coloured sprinkles.”

ABC Woodcraft

“We have established our Facebook page and this is being liked and shared. Some initial feedback was that people clearly wanted pictures of vegetables. We redesigned the board and digitised some drawings of vegetables.This has widened our market.and allowed us to increase the number of orders.


Enterprise Capabilities

Starting and running a business with Tycoon isn't all about making money. It is about what you learn throughout the process. We call these learnings 'Enterprise Capabilities' - make sure that your students are familiar with these as they play and important part in the business evaluations.

Don't forget to tell us about the new skills that your students are developing on social media!