Tycoon Telegraph #5 Autumn 2019


Dates for the Diary

Autumn Window:

Evaluation Deadline: 20th December

Spring Window:

Business Plan Deadline: 14th February

Evaluation Deadline: 3rd April


Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

Have you seen Peter Jones CBE's Top Tip for Entrepreneurs?

"Have confidence in yourself because if you don't have confidence in yourself, no one else will. Having confidence that you can overcome any challenge, whether it be in business or life, is the key to success"



The Leaderboard

Take a look at just a few of the businesses making moves across the leaderboard this week. Every business journey is different, so whether you are just starting to sell or already turning a profit, there is plenty to be excited for. Keep up the momentum and watch your profits roll-in!


Trading Checklist

We're now 5-weeks into trading and there is plenty of opportunity to find new audiences and maximise sales! To set yourself up for success, take a look at the handy Trading Checklist.


Tycoon Blog

We have loved seeing the updates on the Tycoon Blog and are delighted that so many of you are documenting your business journeys. With three weeks left of trading, there is still time to note down your Tycoon experiences before evaluations are in!


On the 14th and the 15th of November, we all attended the schools Adams family production. we pitched inside the main dining hall were the audience takes the interval and it was an incredible successful 2 days of sales. This for us as a business we used as an opportunity to get us noticed and based as a LAUNCH for us.

ABC Woodcraft

"We have had a really lovely start to our business but have been overwhelmed with orders. People love our idea and want one! This is great but as identified we are unable to have access to the machine to allow us to accept more orders at this time. We have been working on developing complimentary products that are much easier to make."


"Hi Treatsify buds! Welcome back!

Well, as promised, we introduced our hot dogs! We made 30 hot dogs, which customers could have with ketchup, BBQ sauce, Mustard or all of them, for only £1.80! We Literally sold out in under ten minutes! however because of the cold weather there we still many more people who wanted hot dogs. There were even three girls who asked us to preserve hot dogs for them, next week!"