Tycoon Telegraph #6 Autumn 2019


Dates for the Diary

Autumn Window:

Evaluation Deadline: 20th December

Spring Window:

Business Plan Deadline: 14th February

Evaluation Deadline: 3rd April


Our Tycoon Journey

Remember that you can enter the Our Tycoon Journey competition as well. This is a video, up to five minutes in length, that captures the journey you have been on as a business. It can have interviews, pictures, action shots, text – anything you want to capture what you’ve learned. Remember to capture footage and images as you’re going, so you can capture the whole journey by the end.

Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at Serenity's Tycoon Journey from last year!


The Leaderboard

Take a look at just a few of the businesses making moves across the leaderboard this week. Every business journey is different, so whether you are just starting to sell or already turning a profit, there is plenty to be excited for. Keep up the momentum and watch your profits roll-in!


Tycoon Blog

We have loved seeing the updates on the Tycoon Blog and are delighted that so many of you are documenting your business journeys. With three weeks left of trading, there is still time to note down your Tycoon experiences before evaluations are in!


Last week we launched the website eco-orgin.store which has already received a great response from people and we have generated a revenue of £138.76 from 6 orders. These orders have contained a variety of stock and we are really thrilled with the response.


We are happy to say Ecobott is now 3rd on the leaderboard overall and we have made a £63 profit. Last week we had a skype meeting with our business mentor Diana Hindle and found it very helpful. We are looking forward to our next few weeks of trading.

Snack Shak

At the moment, we are making the cakes and are finding out what ingredients suit which cakes. That is all of the things which we are doing at the moment.


For next week, our plan is to maintain selling the same amount of brownies, cake pops, and hot dogs and if we do so, we have calculated that we can make a £1000+. so wish us luck!


Student Activity